Our team

We are a small team…but growing!  And we’re very excited about our new program.  So much to do, and so many great possibilities!

Mark Gilbert ProgramLeader (mark.gilbert@bccdc.ca)

Mark is a community medicine specialist who has worked in public health since 2005 (and has led the surveillance team at the Clinical Prevention Services Division at the BC Centre for Disease Control since 2006).  Now that he’s also leading BC Online Sexual Health Services and figuring out how to translate sexual health services to the web, he wishes there had been more helpful classes for this in medical school.

Devon HaagProgram Manager (devon.haag@bccdc.ca)

Devon joins the program with 5 years experience as a surveillance analyst in the Clinical Prevention Services Division at the BCCDC.  In her role, she coordinates, orchestrates,  communicates and tries her hardest to keep timelines and deadlines on track.  In her former life, Devon roamed the forests of British Columbia as a wildlife biologist, counting birds and tracking animals.  When she’s not plugged into her computer or in a meeting, Devon spends her time climbing mountains and scaling rock walls.

Travis Salway HottesEpidemiologist (travis.hottes@bccdc.ca)

Travis has a background in HIV/STI outreach and has contributed to numerous gay men’s health initiatives in San Francisco, Montreal, and Vancouver over the past ten years. He currently volunteers as a board member of the Community Based Research Centre in Vancouver. Since completing a Master of Science epidemiology degree at McGill University, Travis has worked in influenza, HIV, and STI surveillance and research portfolios at the BC Centre for Disease Control. He is particularly interested in applied epidemiology in the public health context and now leads research/evaluation activities of BC Online Sexual Health Services.

Mark BondyraBusiness Analyst (mark.bondyra@bccdc.ca)

Mark is a user experience designer and business analyst who specializes in web based applications.  He has been working with the team to define and prototype the GetCheckedOnline project.  He is a big believer in design thinking and collaboration who is driven by a desire to make interactions with technology simple and intuitive, especially in healthcare.  Mark also loves hiking, biking and spicy food.


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